Stress is something that we will all experience at one time or another in our lives. Be it the daily stressors of the work-life balance, childcare, deadlines, and the commute, or the longer-term stressors, such as financial worries, unemployment, or a divorce. Stress can often feel overwhelming, causing changes in mood and anxiety as a result. The body experiences a great number of chemical and hormonal changes during times of stress, and therefore the latter type of stressor can even impact our physical health in the future. Humans were not designed for long-term stress!

Our bodies are under stress when we perceive a demand (or threat) to be greater than our resources to cope with it. Therapy can help us to regain a sense of coping in these situations. A combination of practical strategies, exercises, and cognitive work can help you to see the stressor from a different perspective and move forward with your life.