Welcome to the CEBCreative dev theme

This is a 100% bespoke theme created by me using my WordPress developer skills and forms the starting point of all the sites we build. This theme is based on the Underscores WordPress starter theme and the Responsive CSS Boilerplate – Skeleton.

Doesn’t look like much?

There’s a good reason for that. All my sites are built from scratch so I only include the code, CSS and scripts that are needed for each site. This keeps everything I build performance-focused.

About CEB Creative

This site has been designed and built by

CEB Creative is a freelance WordPress designer and developer based in Brackley, Northamptonshire that develops bespoke WordPress sites for people who want to benefit from better content management.

I work with clients throughout the UK to create websites.

This website was built specifically for Ellie Ewbank, a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist based in Reading, Berkshire.