Sleep Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

“You’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep” – Well, it may not be quite that straight-forward, but it certainly helps!

Our body has an evolutionary, adaptive sleep-wake cycle called a ‘circadian rhythm’ which can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems when disrupted. Exam stress during adolescence, parenting young children, and irregular shift work are just a few examples of things that can wreak havoc on our circadian rhythms and resulting wellbeing. So how can we help re-establish a natural rhythm through behaviour, to help us sleep better at night time?

Hotel room comfort with good sleep easy relaxation lifestyle of Asian girl on bed have a nice day morning waking up, taking some rest, lazily relaxing in guest bedroom in city hotel.

Other factors that can impact our ability to get a restful night’s sleep include stress and anxiety, depression, and other physical health conditions. If these are a possible concern for you, or sleep tips and techniques haven’t helped you improve the quality or quantity of your sleep, then it may be time to speak to your healthcare professional about CBT for insomnia.

Good Night!